digital discipleship

Our Vicar emailed me this article: 3 THINGS THAT WILL BE TRUE ABOUT GROWING CHURCHES IN THE FUTURE. The statistics are interesting. However, they highlight that churches need to know their “audience”.

I was struck by the first point: Digital Ministry Will Be About Genuine Connection. People used to come to the church but now the church needs to come to people. The church needs to connect with people “where they are at”. Also, as a related point, the church needs to love people “where they are at” and not where it wants people to be.

Right now, many churches are using digital ministry for content distribution via YouTube and social, but in its fullest form, digital ministry is about people.

And that is the fundamental point: it is about people and not information. And it is The Person that is the aim and end of all “ministry”.

I want to explore “digital discipleship” more. Can we disciple people online? Can people have an experience of Jesus via social media or YouTube?

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