moving on?

I have been listening to Hillsong United’s album “Tour for the People” on repeat. It is not the normal type of music I listen to but it has connected with me. The last song, “Echoes (Till we see the other side)” is my favourite at the moment. The video is great because it shows the joy on people’s faces.

I had a dream last night (that included Britany Spears but let’s ignore that part) about packing bags. I had a number of suitcases that I packed with various things. When I woke up I had this strong feeling that I need to “move on”. I am not sure what that means – physically somewhere or emotionally. But I heard the above this morning and I like the idea that no matter what it means there is always “the other side”. And that “other side” is a Person! Maybe I am called to move on into Jesus – to deepen my relationship with my Friend and Saviour?

Light of heaven
Friend forever
His kingdom come

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