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In retrospect, Søren and others would come to see the book as the beginning of his overt published attack on Christendom. Yet originally Søren had intended Practice in Christianity to be an aid to Mynster and a last-ditch defence for the establishment. The book offers extended reflections on various biblical passages where Jesus bids people directly to follow him without taking offence. The language is mild, exhorting, and Christ-centred. It is not fiery or angry. What it is, however, is a clear presentation of the need for the Single Individual to come out of the crowd and stand before Jesus without recourse to hiding behind the distractions of so-called Christian civilisation, either populist or cultured. The book includes a stirring “Moral,” offering the pastors and leaders of the church to confess their inability to preserve authentic Christianity and to throw themselves upon the grace of God. The primary person who needed to do the admission was the primate of the Danish Church, Bishop Mynster.

Backhouse, Stephen. Kierkegaard (p. 163). Zondervan.

Stephen Backhouse’s book on Kierkegaard is by far the best book for anyone to start their Kierkegaardian journey. I find that the narrative within the book – the narrative of Kierkegaard’s life – really resonates with me. The struggles to be a “me” in a mixed-up world. The above quote is about Practice in Christianity. It addresses one of the main points that Kierkegaard puts forward: Jesus saying “follow me” to each person alone.

I have something to decide and I really do not know what to do. I am letting it sit in the hope that an answer will appear. It is not yet urgent but it is part of a pattern within me that I find concerning. And it is exactly in this context that Jesus says, “Follow me”.

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