life 2.0

So life has been super overwhelming. I have made a few decisions that I am proud of making but that are really scary. I have spoken to a number of different people along the way but the decision is my decision. So I am scared and excited at the same time. These decisions mean my life is changing and, in some ways, becoming more uncertain. Yes, I have taken a risk!

I was thinking of writing a post about someone who emailed me who has mistakenly assigned the term “hermit” to a person who was an anchorite. But I do not want to be negative. And I do not have the answers – a big lesson for me. I will not correct people!!!! Who am I to do that? I struggle to be me – the mystery of “me”. So who am I to suggest to someone else they are wrong (on such an insignificant matter)?

I am going to write about living with depression and anxiety. I am going to write about living for and with Jesus. I am going to write about books and ideas. I am not going to write about people (in a negative sense) and all the negativity that is floating around. If I cannot find Jesus in the situation, I am moving on!

I have designed a tattoo for Wednesday of which I am really proud. It actually says what I am feeling at the moment. I never in my life thought I would look forward to a tattoo but I am super excited about it. In fact, apart from religious occasions, this is the most excited I have been about anything. From conversation Christian culture (with conservative dress, speech, and attitude) to living with risk (Jesus) and tattoos.

So life 2.0 is starting!

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