existential individuals

We are born biological beings but we must become existential individuals by accepting responsibility for our actions. This is an application of Nietzsche’s advice to ‘become what you are’. Many people never do acknowledge such responsibility but rather flee their existential individuality into the comfort of the faceless crowd.

Flynn, Thomas. Existentialism: A Very Short Introduction

I have always thought the above is a good definition of existenalism. If not a definition than a great place to start the discussion. I think SK would add “before God” but that is covered by “accepting responsibility for our actions”.

I often flee into the “comfort of the faceless crowd” – I allow others to define me, to give me meaning, to give me purpose. I escape to a mask that others ask me to wear. Because, in the end, it is much easier to let other’s define me than to do the hard work of looking at myself “before God”.

Yet I have a choice – yes or no. Do I allow others to define me or just to describe me? Yes, I am weird and awkward. But those are not failures but superpowers! I need to learn to be an “I” with all the quirks and eccentricities. Because, in the end, Jesus calls me to place my centre in Him – I am by faith an eccentric.

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