transform to transform

I have just purchased this book. While I suspect that it will not be my cup of tea, I am intrigued by the premise. And it follows from the previous post. So the premise is:

Christian mysticism is about the holy transformation of the mystic by God so that the mystic becomes instrumental in the holy transformation of God’s people. This transformation always results in missional action in the world. The idea that mysticism is private and removed from the rugged world of ministry is simply false. All the Old Testament prophets were mystics. Their visions, dreams, and other experiences of God were for the express purpose of calling God’s people back to their missional vocation.

Elaine Heath, The Mystic Way of Evangelism: A Contemplative Vision for Christian Outreach, 5

“Being transformed leads to a desire to transform”. Yes! Experiencing Jesus leads to a desire for others to experience Him. There are movements that emphases the experience of Jesus that are also intensely missional. (Pietism and Pentecostalism are only two.) Yet the missional impulse does not grow out a “requirement” but rather from love.

So mission is about people experiencing and being transformed by Jesus. And that can only happen if I am transformed and reflect Jesus in my life. And the modern prophet is a mystic who calls individuals back to their mission to proclaim Jesus.

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