the oratory

I am going to use the WordPress prompts for posts. So there is today’s:

Do you have a favorite place you have visited? Where is it?

I am going to be really corny and say, “my oratory”. It is right in the middle of The Anchorage. It is small and extremely hot or cold. It only has a kneeler, a chair, and an “altar”. It has candles but I rarely use them. The altar doubles as storage for some of my liturgical books and items. It also has “relics” – a few things that were given by people that have a special meaning for me. It has a crucifix that was given to me by my vicar when I moved in – it used to belong to the Society of the Sacred Advent. There is a very small book on the altar with all the people that I remember every day – my benefactors. I have a prayer bench that I use for my meditation time.

I use it to pray especially for saying the Hours. It is not very catholic in the Anglican sense. I have icons around The Anchorage but none in the oratory. I really like the silence when I pray. Sometimes I move into another room to pray, sometimes I go outside. But I always return to the oratory to say Compline.

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