So I am back online. And I am no longer positive for Covid-19 and starting to return to my awkward self.

I have decided to start walking again – for exercise. Today I walked to the shops to buy chocolate! The irony!!!!

Emotionally I think I am improving. Being sick really did not suit me. But I think it gave me space to look at things. There is no need to be too legalistic about things: I am not recreating a medieval form of life but trying to borrow some of the insights for a modern age. And I do actually enjoy the life.

I have been praying the 15 oes in the afternoon. Very English! Also very personal.

I am reading Going to Church in Medieval England – so far all money and sex. I did read The Stripping of the Altars: Traditional Religion in England, 1400-1580 and Marking the Hours – English People and their Prayers 1240–1570 both by Eamon Duffy. The second is a beautiful book full of illustrations. For me, the point is that what I assume is not always true when it is related to these topics. People did not pray in the past like people pray today.

Anyway …

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