I have not written for a while so I thought I would add something today! I still have no internet – as in a connection to the NBN network. But that is ok! I have a date and a time for the install. In the meanwhile I am enjoying the silence and distance that I have without being “connected”.

I have settled into a nice routine. I have questions but I am allow time and God to reveal the answers. I have been reading (mostly about Fr William Sirr and Brother Harold) and am glad to find like-minded people in the not too distant Anglican past.

I have thinking about the modern idea of productivity – doing something with your life. What product am I producing? What work am I doing? I struggle with those questions. But I have been wondering if my struggle is not really with the modern idea that I have to be doing something to be someone?!

So trust in God! Surrender! I need to need Jesus in my life. Longing for him and him alone.

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