Yet again I have let this blog slip. Life has been a little emotional and I have struggled. In fact, the one thing I thought I could always return to, prayer, has become very hard. But life moves on and things are changing. I have had a sleep-in today and now am planning on reading a book about village life in a medieval English village.

Yesterday I read an article on anchorites which included this quote:

Manual work, for its part, can keep idleness and sloth at bay, and profit your neighbours in charity. And in particular, the writing of material that is holy and edifying to read seems commendable.

Speculum Inclusorum

The article states that Speculum Inclusorum is written for anchoresses (sic!) but I am pretty sure it is for priest anchorites. It is the one English guidance literature with which I have not had much to do. It is on top of my list of books to acquire in the future.

So, the above quote is about what an anchorite “does”. And I like that writing of “edifying” material is mentioned. In a modern context, with all the ways that one can write, it must be a very suitable and proper thing to do. Like the Carthusians, I think certain anonymity needs to be maintained. But it is a way of sharing the fruits of the life. Also, in the village people came to the anchorite for advice and counsel so maybe the internet is the modern village?!

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