let’s try again?!

I have started a post three times in the last couple of days. But none eventuated into a published piece of writing. I have been thinking about life in general and my life in particular.

So I was super-amazed at how God works! It means that things for the future are becoming a little clearer. And it also means that my own sense of vocation has been confirmed by other people. I am still unsure what that will look like but it will look like something.

I do not get as much solitude in my new (old!) context! I have had little time to meditate or just read. My parents have been extremely kind and loving during the last two years so I am not terribly upset by the distribution of my routine.

I make time to read. I am reading a collection of Carthusian texts for novices. (As you do!) These texts are full of practical advice that is very useful. I am also reading Underhill’s Mysticism.

Anyway, Jesus bless you today!

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