Day 28 – vocation?

I am writing in the evening, after Evening Prayer, as the day has super packed with “stuff”. I started as usual with feeding the cat, prayer, and meditation. We had church online today – too many people effected by Covid – so I could do it from home.

Church today was God’s answer to a number of questions. The sermon asked one simple question, “Where is your focus?”. Oh wow!!! And then we had this song:

So where is my focus? I know where I would like my focus to be. I am resolved to be open to Jesus in all contexts. I am resolved to seek intimacy with Jesus above all else. And I think that I am called to a life alone, praying and meditating, and reading. I also think that I am called to write or use my life alone for the “upbuilding of the church”. What all of that looks like I do not know!!!

So the time of this experiment is almost up. I am really sad about returning to my normal life. I would simply like to continue. God will provide a way. And this time has been pure gift!!!

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