Day 26 – all is gift

I was awake well before my alarm. So I prayed a little in bed. Then fed the cat, prayed, and meditated. I listen to a podcast today in which the presenter mused on the saying, “All is neutral”. He was trying to say that I reaction to an event is the thing we can change and not the event itself. So the event is neutral – neither good or bad.

I was thinking about that during meditation this morning. And something bothers me about that saying. Everything is not neutral because everything is made by God to be good. So I was thinking that the saying should really be, “All is gift”. Often hard to see from this side!

And I was adding into the mix that was my meditation this morning this quote:

Vocation is a gradual revelation—of me, to myself, by God—it is who we are, trying to happen.

Evelyn Underhill

I really like the idea that God is showing me “me” through my vocation. Now what is my vocation is a completely different question. But that too is a gift!

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