Day 25

I was awake well before my alarm today. I did consider sleeping in, making this a day of rest, but I did not. I enjoyed the silence for half an hour and then got up, feed the cat, prayed, and meditated. I tried to watch the live-stream of the Mass today but I was way too distracted for it to be helpful for me. So I just had breakfast instead.

I read the online advice from our government on isolating when one is a close contact. Looks like that unless a test comes back positive, I can go outside provided I wear a mask. That is good news (in one way) since my parents (who have Covid) need more medication soon – not today. I am happy to drive there and help them out. But today I am staying inside, reading.

A theme has popped up again and again in my reading: God’s love as “eros”. Ok that might sound a little strange because we are conditioned to hear that word in a negative sense. But “eros” means to desire intimacy with another. And that is, above all, the aim of the Christian life: intimacy with Jesus. God desires intimacy with me and desires me to desire intimacy with him. Wow, too much desire!

There is way of seeing the above in Kierkegaardian terms: the movement of faith. Self-giving (love) leads to a desire for intimacy (love). Abraham surrenders Isaiah to receive him back.


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