Day 24 – COVID?

Am I the only person to be excited about isolating for Covid? I do not have it – I just did a test – but I am a close contact of someone who tested positive. Isolating is like normal life for me – prayer, meditate, and read. Food is no issue as I have enough for the week – I normally shop on Sundays. Being alone does not bother me – yes, sometimes I am lonely but with Jesus.

I was preparing to go to our parish Contemplative Prayer group when I received the text saying a close contact is positive. In the car I was wondering what was ahead for me? I have paper work to do that I have been putting off for a couple of days. Maybe I should write something for the local church paper? Or write a short story about something?

The really strange thing is that now I am alone by necessity rather than choice it feels very different. Maybe it is what anchorites felt after the door to the anchorhold was shut? Physical enclosure versus enclosure by choice. Maybe that is a topic for a short story?

Anyway, many prayers for all who are Covid positive, those who are isolating by necessity, and for all those who find it hard to be alone.

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