Day 19 – vocation?

So it is almost three weeks of this “experiment”. And I came here with one question, “do I have a vocation to solitary life?”. It is with the generosity of friends, and the spiritual support of many others, that I think I have an answer. People sometimes say things without knowing that they are speaking for God into an individual’s life. The last couple of days have made a number of things very clear to me concerning a vocation.

Now, I have no idea what that would look like! My dream would be to continue living by myself- praying, meditating, and reading – and volunteering in the church for the “upbuilding” of the people of God.

But today has also been a day that has revealed that maybe it will remain a dream for the time being. My father’s health has declined quickly and my mother has lamented my absence from the house. So when this experiment is over, I will return to my parent’s home and help look after them in whatever way I am needed. I know I can continue some of the habits I have established during this experiment. But I think I will miss the time alone to pray, or meditate, or read.

So there you have it – a day of revelations!

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