Day 14

I changed the setup of the blog the other day – a new domain name and some other changes – and when I tried to login just before, I had forgotten everything. Grrr!? But I managed to log in (thanks, Captain Obvious!) so that I can share all my insights with you.

So today I prayed as usual and then went to church. I received Jesus in the Eucharist and I am now watching a recorded live-stream of a service. I have church again tonight so I will need to say Evening Prayer somewhere along the line. I went to the shops for food for the week.

Not sure I have any insights today. I was glad to be back home and some solitude. I really have little desire to speak with people. I enjoy it when I do, and people are very nice and insightful, but Jesus is Jesus.

There is a sense in which people are no longer something I need and so I can actually be present for them. They are not an object but a person. I can enjoy their humanity.

So silence and solitude is a nice habit to get into!

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