Day 8

A normal start to the day: make tea, feed the cat, pray, and meditate. And, in addition today, I watched the daily Mass from one of the local Anglo-Catholic parishes (streamed). I do very much like the Anglican tradition especially when it is expressed in its more “catholic” form. Not saying that I would change parish over it (or much less argue about it) but it is a rite that I feel very comfortable in and that I have experienced in the past. And I think I will reflect on some of the Anglican prayers in a future post.

But there are many things about the more “catholic” form of Anglicanism that bother me. It can be cold and distant. It makes me think of the medieval church in that I very much feel like I am watching through a squit at the “sacring”. There is no standard way of saying Mass (something very “catholic”) so it is “catholicism” according to the celebrant of the Mass. And, in my experience, the preaching in that context is often weak or myopic. (That being said, the best preacher I have heard has been in the context of a Anglo-Catholic diocese.)

It means, in the end, that I would like a charismatic contemplative “catholic” Mass at which I may fully participate. Of course, a good sermon!

Also: I have a theological question, “Am I absolved when I watch a Mass which is recorded? When it is live?”.

Anyway: Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me.

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