Day 7

It has been a week.

Today I went to church. Nothing unusual in that. I help a little with the technological side which allows me to sit in a box apart from the congregation – a little like an anchorite of old.

I got ink for my pens and food for the week. Unfortunately I have a few things that will require me to leave the “anchorhold” this week but I am hoping (praying) to keep my normal routine as much as I can.

I am hoping to add a morning daily Mass to my routine (via a stream from a local Anglican parish). Very much like a “squit” called Facebook.

Yesterday I read more of Underhill’s Practical Mysticism. While her Neoplatonism sometimes shows. I like the book. I think, for me, the experience is more like Buber’s “I and thou” – a movement from “it” to “you”. It is fundamentally a relationship in which I rest, like sitting with a loved one in silence. It is the moment of intimacy that reveals the real me to the “You”. It is the moment when the You is more the sum of its parts. It is a personal encounter that moves me from experience to participation.

Ok, too much fluffy theology! Time to think about Evening Prayer.

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