Day 6

I really do not feel like writing today but I think it will do me good.

Yesterday was very hard! I endured and, at the same time, enjoyed the outside world. I have had little sleep as a result but I am somewhat clear in my head where to go from here.

But there is the fundamental problem of my life: my head vs my heart. I mean heart in the sense it is used in the Bible – the very inner core where I am who I truly am. My heart has been broken for a long time, trampled on, and belittled. So it is often hard to see past the feelings of brokenness and the “monster within”. My head knows who I am (alas, very poorly) but my heart is still catching up.

I was thinking this morning it is a little like the Knowledge Argument – Mary has all knowledge on colour in a black and white world and then gets to experience the world of colours. Underhill, in her book Practical Mysticism, makes the point that contemplation (in a general sense) is more like taste, touch, smell than thinking and hearing – the “I” is always involved in the process and there is never a time when the “I” is a spectator. Of course, Kierkegaard also says that in many places and he said it earlier!

Anyway, my heart needs to experience beyond the boundaries that my mind has placed on it. No good knowing everything about a subject but never experience the reality. In my relationship with Jesus that is a desire to be in communion with him and to have union with him beyond language, signs, and “religion”.

So from “I do not want to write” to the end of the post!? TMI!

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