when life moves on …

This day (liturgically) last year was a complete disaster. I think Holy Week last year was about as low as I have been.

This year has been a little different but I still feel the absence of people.

Yesterday I sat outside and read some Thomas Merton. I have not read any Merton for a long time – maybe a year or so. I used to be in love with him and the type of freedom that he proclaimed.

Well, yesterday, when I sat and read him, I was somewhat disappointed. I found him very restrictive. And, at times, very old fashioned. Maybe it is because he was Roman Catholic? Or maybe because he embraced vowed monastic life? I was struck by how his writings are rather simplistic in that all the questions are answered by obedience. Very Benedticine! There is a sense, in my present state of mind, that for him life is about surrendering your will and by that becoming your true self.

Anyway, I was struck by how life moves on and changes. The things of primary importance yesterday, are no longer at the front of the line.

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