Lent and me

I have been thinking about Lent – what to do this year? In my lifetime I think I have done all the traditional things: caffeine, alcohol, TV, music, soft drink, etc. And I do not want to give something up just for the “show of it” and then return to normal after Easter.

I have also been thinking about why I have been unable to maintain relationships in my life. I have many fallen friends with whom I am no longer in contact. My life is a field of broken relationships.

I think for Lent this year, I am going to self-censor. I am going to speak only when spoken to and then will speak only upbuilding things. Especially online – ok, I see the irony. Also, I am going to try to listen more (and read more which is my primary form of listening).

Anyway, happy Lent to you all!

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