rule of life?

I have been thinking of reworking my rule of life. I think it needs to be more describtive rather than prescriptive. I think it needs to be less like rules of old and more like something I can live today.

I have also been reading an article by David Law on Kierkegaard’s view on monasticism. It still amazes me that as a Lutheran in Denmark, who would have had little exposure to monasticism, Kierkegaard spends a lot of time writing about it in his Journals and in other writings. I think it shows that monasticism does offer a challenge and, as the Archbishop of Canterbury has said, is the ultimate wager on God.

Anyway, I was reading the ACARLA (Advisory Council for Anglican Religious Life in Australia) website yesterday before our prayer group. And I read this:

Another form of consecrated life is that of living as a consecrated single person. This is essentially a “hidden life” – without any distinct dress or title.

And I thought of this quote from Kierkegaard:

[the individual] is incognito, but [their] incognito consists precisely in looking just like everyone else.

Kierkegaard writes that within the context of his discussion of monasticism in Concluding Unscientific Postscript. (I have written about it before.) Maybe he is onto something?!

Anyway, I might rework my rule of life today.

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