anchorite insights …

While exploring my new favourite topic, Julian of Norwich, I found this:

Living within four walls: A guide for modern day anchorites

The article uses the anchorite tradition to give some insights for living during a pandemic. I think most of the suggestions are really helpful for anyone who is seeking more solitude and simplicity in their life. So I am going to share them:

  • Set a schedule
  • Keep the cow outside
  • Plenty of windows
  • Focus on your five senses
  • Fasting
  • Notice nature
  • Read
  • [Take a patron saint]
  • Hobbies of service

I think setting a schedule is a very good starting point to seeking more solitude. Include times of prayer and times of physical activity. I think an important part is setting time for reading. Not seeing reading as a luxury but as part of the daily routine. I also like the idea of having windows that look out at the world. I have a lovely window in my room and I look out at the garden when I work and when I pray.

Fasting is not a good idea for me – I have enough trouble eating without setting limits. But being aware of your physical health, doing things to look after yourself physically, is a good idea. I include time for my mental health.

I would love a cat but that is not an option in my current living arrangements. But I hope in the future.

So read the article and use the insights in establish more solitude in your life.

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