things on the improve

I have had a sleep in. The first in many months. Youth last night was great – magnificent kids, good food, and some very inspiring discussion around the theme of God’s Kingdom. I got to tell a Kierkegaard inspired story about the incarnation – the king and the servant!

I feel life is improving. The help I have received, and continue to receive, from people of faith has been so inspiring. The example of what it means to follow Jesus is the most helpful – to model for me what it means to live for Jesus alone. I have had opportunity to use my gifts within the faith community and that has been extremely helpful and healing for me.

I see when I cycle downward and I have learned to pull myself through it. I have learned to “let it pass through me” as my counsellor would say. I have learned to cry and to talk about my feelings on a completely different level. I am a very different person to who I was three months ago.

Of course, my anxiety is saying, “just wait!”. But I feel that even with the problems that life will throw at me, I have learned to be more “me” and less the depression. I will never be an outgoing, easy person – I am reserved, quiet, and somewhat intense. I have learned to be alone without being lonely, and to be with people without being lonely. I am finally happy to be me and not looking to be someone else.

So I pray you have a Jesus filled day! A day full of love.

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