Morning Prayer

I said Morning Prayer outside today. It was extremely windy so I had to stop my Prayer Book from being blown away. I used to be very fanatic about saying Mattins and Evensong – same time, same place, with full ceremonial – making my prayer life ever more and more complicated and involved. I wonder if I was trying to impress God or convince myself.

The simple form for every day in APBA is great – simple and not too involved. I use a very simple calendar and only keep a few festivals apart from the major ones. I read only the New Testament reading. The liturgical purest that was me would be horrified.

I like that the rhyme of prayer shapes my life. Morning and Evening Prayer are part of my Rule of Life. I try to say Prayer at the End of the Day (Compline) but often I forget or I am too tired. I have used Evening Prayer as a time to pray for people – people who have asked for my prayers and the people in my life. I also use the time to sit in silence and just “be”.

Life has taught me that it is not about the “how” of prayer (Prayer Books etc) but rather the “why” – my desire for intimacy with Jesus. My daily routine of praying sets the foundation for my life and also reminds me of Who is important. Using APBA is an act of obedience – I use what our parish uses – and also frees me up. It gives me the freedom for time with Jesus rather than maintaining some arbitrary tradition.

What do you use for your daily time with Jesus?

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