Going beyond

If he were alive today I am pretty sure that Kierkegaard would have a blog and a podcast. And he would create different profiles to talk to each other – to comment on posts – and create a whole “blogoverse” of his own.

I am going to take this writing thing a little more seriously. The blog and the podcast have been great while I have worked with my depression and anxiety (and continues to be great for me). Yet I think I have more to offer than personal reflections. So I am going to write a little more seriously and in the process challenge myself to move beyond.

I am open to suggestions on topics! I will try to add to the mix with honesty. Not to give an answer (always without authority) but rather to add another voice from the experience of a particular person at a particular time in a particular place.

So, if you have not already, “Like” the Facebook page. Ask anything in the comments (which are moderated so say if you do not want them public) or contact me via the blog.

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