Life moves like a snail sometimes

Maybe I am just very impatient?! Maybe it is just me?! But I feel like life has slowed down to a snail’s pace. I would like to get better, and I am, but it is too slow for me. To be honest I have no idea what “better” looks like or what the future holds. And to be religious I should say that it is in Jesus’ hands but at the moment I do not see it.

Next week I am back to a more natural routine – I have the online study and have a few other things to get done. I do not feel lonely or alone but I just feel lost at the moment. No clear direction. No KPIs to meet or work towards.

Maybe I should see all of this as a positive? I am finally alone before God. And not getting things done is not a bad thing in itself – as long as I let no one down. I hid for so long behind a mask and there is always a temptation to simply return to wearing a mask and hiding myself. But that is not going forwards but backwards.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has “liked” a post. I finally made it to 200.

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