so what?

I wanted to follow up on this morning’s post. I wonder if some of “darkness” today is actually a reflection of the weather which has been dark and cold. So today has been more a marathon than a spirit in that I have simply struggled to do anything.

I did record a podcast on my walk. So there is two things I did get done. “Know it, name it, and move on” – a little cliche but it is where I am “at”. Being open has helped. But a little balance and certainty would be nice. Life is not much fun when surviving is all you are doing. I would simply like to go to sleep but it is a little early and I do not want to be awake in the middle of the night. So bad 80s music and some reading.

I have a counselling session tomorrow via Zoom. As always I am looking forward to having another person’s input – to talk and listening. I hope you have had a pleasant day and have a very Jesus filled day tomorrow.

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