happy place?

I had never really thought of a happy place until someone mentioned it to me. In fact, the person knew my happy place before I did. I like the idea. Maybe I should call it my “hermitage” or my “cell”? It is not always a physical space – for me it is also when I teach or talk ideas with some people. But it is a “place” where I relax and I am more “me” than other places.

This is my happy place – sitting outside in the sun reading with a cup of tea. The notebook is my journal with my favourite pen. I listened to a meditation for calming anxiety, and read some of the article on Kierkegaard. Allowing myself to stop from the pressure I place on myself is a strange (and still somewhat awkward) feeling. Yet knowing that I can return to this place, physically and emotionally, is a really nice and calming thought.

Do you have a happy place?