The Chosen

So I am a little late but I just finished watching the first season of The Chosen. And while I am not normally a fan of religious movies and TV – I often find them overly pious and idealised – I loved the humanness of The Chosen.

The disciples are real – real problems, real relationships, real concerns. Jesus is very human – dancing, eating, cooking, walking. I think the strength of the series is the way it shows real people struggling with their faith in real contexts. These are not white-washed saints without spot. Simon’s sin are opening and his struggle is real. And it shows confusion and questions. For me it shows a person-to-person relationship with Jesus as the center of a life of faith. The disciples are human when they and Jesus travel together – “Follow me”. I identified with Matthew’s confusion and “weirdness”. Faith does not take you outside of life but allows you to enter into it fully.

So I am looking forward to more. And I might watch it again!

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