Prayer and Solitude

I have had a lot of time by myself. Sometimes I read, sometimes I listen to Thomas Merton’s talks to the novices, and sometimes I just sit and pray. I have enjoyed the simplicity of life. I have been trying to use APBA for Morning and Evening Prayer, and also Compline. I like the simplicity of it. No long readings and complicated prayers, with page turning and confusion. Simplicity and now-presence.

Tonight we start our online Lenten Study. It is a journey through the First Epistle of John. I know God has called me in a special way to witness to Him – not so much “teach” but to share with others insights on the spiritual life – to share the simplicity of Jesus. I like getting along-side people and journey with them. Yes, my anxiety and depression make it an overwhelming experience but God has placed people in my life to help and encourage. And, together with other people, always to journey to Jesus!

I have been reading some articles on Kierkegaard and imitation and contemporarility. Again presence of Jesus – “Given for you”. A relationship of person to Person. A relationship in the “now”.

So I am using the gift God has given me – solitude – to love. And to simply rest in Jesus.