19 November

I have not written in a while which is completely my fault. Not that I have nothing to say – some may suggest I have too much to say – but I have not had the energy.

I have been having the most interesting and “edifying” conversation with a person on Instagram. It has centred on a book, The End of Apologetics: Christian Witness in a Postmodern Context, by Myron Penner. It might be described as an attempt to give a Kiergaardian interpretation of modern apologetics. Of course, the book is about much more – the modern epistemological paradigm among others.

I am not the person to give a “book review” so I will not. The book has struck me as simply using SK’s categories to show the flaws of the modern Christian approach to life. It was an interesting read; but the book is not for everyone. Yet I am always edified by a person’s serious wrestling and this book is that.

Anyway …