Today is my birthday and I have been thinking a lot about “friendship”. (The two are not directly related but just thought I would mention it.)

I have never been casually social. I would much rather be alone than with people I have no connection to or who make be anxious. I do not respond to negativity – if you cannot say it in a positive way maybe you should just be silent. Language is far too diffcult to waste on rubbish. I find people who are myopic diffcult. And myopic people who are opionated I try to avoid.

Now all that being said, I know I have a prickly personality. I am not approvable, nor the type of person “normal people” talk to. I have deep held beliefs and enough brains to defend them. So all of that adds up to the fact that I am alone much more than with people.

Yet, I do value frienship. A deep connection to another person is important. And having a person in your life that looks after your good is a very powerful way to grow and mature.

So I do value friendship. But I do not give it away! Friendship is not something that is taken but something that is earned. Simply belonging to a community or being “Friends” on social media does not equal friendship. It might be aquintance but it is not friendship.

I would rather be alone!

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