recommended future

A personal recommendation: Existential Christianity.

I have been reading through the articles, especially the author’s main thesis. I think his context is different from my experience and I am not as ready to dismiss certain aspects of the church as quickly as he appears to be. (That being said, I am not sure which aspect to hold on to!) It has, however, made me think!

So here are some random points for further discussion and thought:

  • Faith as character.
  • The problem of language.
  • Doctrine and salvation.
  • How to approach authority in a modern age?
  • What is “revealed”?
  • How to read the Bible and “listen to the Church” as a Single Individual?
  • Sin and choice.
  • Abstracted God and authentic being.
  • The paradox of Jesus.
  • Being human before God.
  • Being “me” before God.

Maybe some could be combined?!

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